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The Art Project

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The Art Project is updating its web site.
This page is outdated, but most of its content is being worked on at the wiki:
Please follow this link and use the wiki subpages to find the information you're looking for.
If you can't find what you want to know, please contact our mailing list

Sorry for any inconvenience, we hope to finish the update as soon as possible.
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About the Art Project:
Mission statement: To create and maintain a central repository of related graphics and artwork and to provide dedicated tools and a proper environment for graphical art creation and internationalization in the bennefit of the Community and Projects.

Areas covered by the project include (but are not limited to) posters, screenshots, CD-covers, related wallpapers and other promotional graphics, GUI graphics, web graphics, labels, logos, etc. All the above will be created and maintained in tight coordination with the respective projects that use the graphics and with the native language projects in order to internationalize the created art.

Why the art project ? The project has been created as a way to centralize all the graphics related work in the Community in order to eliminate the duplication of efforts in graphics creation by offering a central place where to look for already created graphics and also a central place where to direct the graphics creation requests from the Community.

Looking for graphics ? If you are looking for related graphics, please feel free to browse our galleries. The galleries are organized by themes (posters, screenshots, wallpapers, etc) and where possible we provide links to localized/translated versions of the graphics in various languages. While browsing the galleries, please consider rating the artwork so that we know how we are performing.

You did not find the needed graphics ? If you did not manage to find the needed artwork for your project, please consider filing in a graphics creation request. It may be possible that one of the volunteer artists will create the needed art for you.

For a more direct contact: In order to directly speak with the members of the project please consider joining our dedicated mailing-list by sending an empty email to and then introduce yourself and post your comments/questions to the mailing list by sending the messages

Consider joining. If you are able to help in the graphics creation and maintenance, aside from joining our dedicated mailing list and introducing yourself, please consider registering with the website and then joining the Marketing Project in order to be able to operate our Issue Tracker system called Issue Zilla which we use as a Trouble Ticket System for handling the tasks inside the project.

The next step would be for you to browse our ARTWORK To-Do list and if you find something that you would be able to contribute to, please send an email to the list stating your intention to take the respective task.

We are in great need for volunteer artists and in return for your contributions we will try to promote your work in the bennefit of the Community as much as we can. More information on joining and contributing can be found here.



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