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The Art Project is updating its web site.
This page is outdated, but most of its content is being worked on at the wiki:
Please follow this link and use the wiki subpages to find the information you're looking for.
If you can't find what you want to know, please contact our mailing list

Sorry for any inconvenience, we hope to finish the update as soon as possible.
- And you are welcome to help us in this area too... -

Legal issues - project and artwork licensing:

In order to protect your contributions and the Community's work from abuse, submitting artwork to the project must be done according to certain licensing requirements. accepted licenses:
For source code and binary distributions, uses the LGPL/SISSL; for documents, we encourage the PDL. For details, see

Artwork licensing:
For artwork, graphics, icons, etc., we encourage the use of the following licenses:

  • PDL - Public Document License
  • LGPL/SISSL - covered by the Joint Copyright Assignment form (JCA) [Note that the JCA is not in itself a license].
In addition, non-essential graphics may be accepted also if they are licensed under Public Domain according to the statement by Creative Commons.

Types of graphics and the accepted licenses:
There are two distinct types of graphics based on the licensing requirements:

  1. Graphics that define the Project's visual identity (e.g. logos, official CD-Covers, etc) - this category requires you either to license the graphics under PDL or to submit a JCA. The reasons for this requirement are stated above.
  2. Aditional graphics that do not fit into the above category (e.g. wallpapers, screenshots, etc.) - are accepted either with the above licensing or if you want, they can be licensed unde Public Domain instead.

In order to avoid any missunderstandings, each gallery inside the Art Project will clearly specify the applicable licenses for that gallery so that you know from the beginning what licenses are needed for the submitted artwork if you intend to contribute to a certain gallery.

You may address your further questions on the mailing list.



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