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Moving to an OpenOffice Culture

OpenOffice offers the entire organization immediate savings. Now that's something everyone can understand. Even with the moderate costs associated with training and support for a new application, Novell calculated it could achieve seven-figure savings just by cutting back on its MS Office licenses as it also streamlined its Windows contracts. Adopting OpenOffice for Windows, with an eye to eventually going all the way with Linux, made that possible.

Click here for the full story of how and why Novell migrated over 5000 users to meets charity's needs - and makes for good business too

When you are a charitable organisation, you need to make every penny count. This case study shows how software enabled Migrant Helpline, a UK based charity, to invest in its staff and deliver a better service to clients, while generating useful business for a local company The Burningsuit Consultancy.

Click here to download in .sxw format (48k), or here to download in .pdf format (95k). software meets finance company's needs for Microsoft Office compatibility and cuts costs

This Case Study shows how software helped a small finance company gain a competitive cost advantage over much larger competitors, and helped the IT infrastructure keep up with the rapid growth of the company.

Click here to download in .sxw format (46k), or here to download in .pdf format (89k).

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