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J - constant in constants group ::com::sun::star::awt:: .Key
JANUARY - constant in constants group ::com::sun::star::i18n:: .Months
Japanese - property in service ::com::sun::star::chart2:: .CandleStickChartType
JAVA - constant in constants group ::com::sun::star::bridge:: .ModelDependent
Java - service ::com::sun::star::loader:: .Java
java - module ::com::sun::star:: .java
JavaDisabledException - exception ::com::sun::star::java:: .JavaDisabledException
JavaDriverClass - property in service ::com::sun::star::sdbc:: .JDBCConnectionProperties
JavaDriverClassPath - property in service ::com::sun::star::sdbc:: .JDBCConnectionProperties
JavaInitializationException - exception ::com::sun::star::java:: .JavaInitializationException
JavaNotConfiguredException - exception ::com::sun::star::java:: .JavaNotConfiguredException
JavaNotFoundException - exception ::com::sun::star::java:: .JavaNotFoundException
JavaScript - service ::com::sun::star::script:: .JavaScript
JavaVirtualMachine - service ::com::sun::star::java:: .JavaVirtualMachine
JavaVMCreationFailureException - exception ::com::sun::star::java:: .JavaVMCreationFailureException
Java2 - service ::com::sun::star::loader:: .Java2
JDBCConnectionProperties - service ::com::sun::star::sdbc:: .JDBCConnectionProperties
Job - service ::com::sun::star::task:: .Job
JobExecutor - service ::com::sun::star::task:: .JobExecutor
jobFinished() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::task:: .XJobListener
JobManager - service ::com::sun::star::util:: .JobManager
JOB_ABORTED - value in enum ::com::sun::star::view:: .PrintableState
JOB_COMPLETED - value in enum ::com::sun::star::view:: .PrintableState
JOB_FAILED - value in enum ::com::sun::star::view:: .PrintableState
JOB_SPOOLED - value in enum ::com::sun::star::view:: .PrintableState
JOB_SPOOLING_FAILED - value in enum ::com::sun::star::view:: .PrintableState
JOB_STARTED - value in enum ::com::sun::star::view:: .PrintableState
JoinType - field in struct ::com::sun::star::rendering:: .StrokeAttributes
JOURNAL - constant in constants group ::com::sun::star::text:: .BibliographyDataField
JOURNAL - constant in constants group ::com::sun::star::text:: .BibliographyDataType
JULY - constant in constants group ::com::sun::star::i18n:: .Months
JumpEdit - service ::com::sun::star::text::textfield:: .JumpEdit
JumpMark - property in service ::com::sun::star::document:: .MediaDescriptor
jumpToEndOfPage() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::text:: .XPageCursor
jumpToFirstPage() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::text:: .XPageCursor
jumpToFurthest() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::io:: .XMarkableStream
jumpToLastPage() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::text:: .XPageCursor
jumpToMark() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::io:: .XMarkableStream
jumpToNextPage() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::text:: .XPageCursor
jumpToPage() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::text:: .XPageCursor
jumpToPreviousPage() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::text:: .XPageCursor
jumpToStartOfPage() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::text:: .XPageCursor
JUNE - constant in constants group ::com::sun::star::i18n:: .Months
justify() - function in interface ::com::sun::star::rendering:: .XTextLayout

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