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:: com :: sun :: star :: task ::

interface XJobListener
Base Interfaces
┗ ::com::sun::star::lang::XEventListener

(referenced interface's summary:)
base interface for all event listeners interfaces.
listener on finish states of asynchronous job execution

Methods' Summary
jobFinished indicates that the job is done  
Methods' Details
jobFinished( [in] XAsyncJob  Job,
[in] any  Result );

indicates that the job is done
Parameter Job
identifies the asynchronous job so the JobExecutor can differ between more then ones.
Parameter Result
should be the same like for the synchronous mode on XJob::execute(). It provides information about success or failure of job execution. It's possible too, to use special protocol (which depends from real implementation) between JobExecutor and a real job. So it can be possible to:
  • deregister the job
  • let him registered although execution was successfully(!)
  • make some job specific data persistent inside the job configuration which is provided by the executor.
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