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Accessibility Options Dialog

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Status: Final

Revision History:

revision comment



initial revision


Frank Loehmann

spec review


Matthias Mueller-Prove

GUI string review (rearranged string order, changed some texts)


Elizabeth Matthis

added system HC mode detection, removed HC options for borders and draings


Frank Loehmann

corrected method name in description for option 7) and little expansion


Ingrid Halama

Proposal for the Tools - Options area, needed for configuration of accessibility support.

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Location: Tools-Options







Miscellaneous options

Sonstige Optionen


Support assistive technology tools (program restart required)

Unterstützung behindertengerechter Zugangsprogramme (Programmneustart erforderlich)


Use text selection cursor in read-only text documents

Textauswahlcursor in schreibgeschützten Textdokumenten verwenden


Use system font for user interface

Systemschriftart für die Benutzeroberfläche verwenden


Allow animated graphics

Animierte Grafiken zulassen


Allow animated text

Animierter Text zulassen


Help tips disappear after

Tipp-Hilfe verschwindet nach



Options for high contrast appearance

Optionen für die Kontrastdarstellung


Automatically detect high contrast mode of operating system

Kontrastdarstellungsmodus des Betriebssystems automatisch erkennen


Use automatic font color for screen display

Automatische Schriftfarbe für Bildschirmdarstellung verwenden


Use system colors for page previews

Systemfarben für Seitenvorschau verwenden

Functional Description of Options

Currently there is no possibility to determine if the High Contrast Mode is active or not for the system since only an appearance scheme (skinning) will be changed. Even on Microsoft Windows the high contrast schemes could be set directly without activating the system high contrast flag.

Due to this the contrast view of an object or application will be activated if the setting for the document background (in tools.options.appearance) is dark (VCL function “IsDark” is true). This setting is defaulted to the system's windows background, but could be overridden in SO options.

Miscellaneous options

This group contains accessibility options for all SO/OO document types.

1) Support assistive technology tools (program restart required)

Allows to use assistive tools, such as external screen readers, Braille devices or speech recognition input devices.

2) Use text selection cursor in read-only text documents

This option enables the new function of having a non blinking selection cursor in read-only document. Default is off.

3) Use system font for user interface

This option allows to change the UI font from our own to the system one.

4) Allow animated graphics

Activating this option will stop all graphical animation in all SO/OO applications. (i.e. animated GIF's, animated objects in Impress (during presentation), animated graphical previews (Gallery, Insert-Graphics-From File, Animation Tool in Impress)

5) Allow animated text

This options stop all textual animation like blinking and scrolling in all SO/OO applications.

6) Help tips disappear after X seconds

This enables/disables the automatic time out of Helptips. Duration (n) could be chosen from 1 to 99 seconds. If option is disabled the Helptip will not expire automatically (Loosing focus or ESC key if automatic time out is inactive.)

High contrast options

This group contains high contrast options.

7) Automatically detect high contrast mode of operating system

This option will be used by the function GetHighContrastMode (responsible developer is Philipp Lohmann). If this option is active (default is on) the internal function GetHighContrastMode determines a high contrast mode not only by analyzing a maybe existing flag of the operating system. Then the function will also determine if the window background is dark by using the IsDark function and return true regardless if a high contrast flag is set or not.

Instead of asking for this single flag at the SvtAccessibilityOptions the applications should use the above method Application::GetSettings().GetStyleSettings().GetHighContrastMode().

8) Always use automatic font color for screen display

This option overrides all text color attributes set in a SO/OO document for display only.

9) Use system colors for page previews

This option enables the use of high contrast colors, instead of displaying the normal/original WYSIWYG colors (like the document will be printed). Default for this option is on.

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