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Meeting Minutes

Bi-Weekly Meeting common User Interface (CUI)


September 11, 2003


10:00h, MEST




+ Oliver Specht (OS)
+ Christian Jansen (CJ)
+ Matthias Mller-Prove (MMP)
+ Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
- Daniel Rentz (DR)
+ Frank Schnheit (FS)
+ Gunnar Timm (GT)
+ Christian Lippka (CL)

Minute Taker

CL (next: FS, OS, PB, MMP, GT, OS, DR, CJ, CL)

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Table of Contents

1 Action Items

2 Roundtable

1 Action Items




previous items

new items

Arrange meeting to discuss technical problems for new context sensitiv toolbar handling

Christian Jansen new

1.1 Comments on Action Items

2 Roundtable

2.1 Context Menu Handling

Matthias Mller-Prove talked with Christof Pintaske about Context Menu Handling. Opening the context menu on mouse button down would save one click. Christof approved this, Matthias will spec this.

Frank Schnheit pointed out that this feature is not really needed and it may be lost on introducing the new toolkit.

2.2 Toolbars

Christian Jansen wants context sensetive Toolbars, more like the competition.

Oliver Specht pointed out that this is not easy to do in our current code base. That is because we only have one shell active that handles a special toolbar. Examples are one for graphics and one for table. This must be completly reworked.

Frank Schnheits wants a meeting for this with at least Mathias Bauer.

2.3 Accelerator trouble

Christian Jansen found out that Alt + Cursor keys does not work on Gnome because it switches the desktop. This must be adressed, maybe even for OOo 1.1.1.

On a discussion on this topic, all agreed that we don't want to have the least common dominator.

Frank Schnheit pointed out that mozilla could configure its accelerator keys.

Christian Jansen added that the Gnome and KDE spec. says that alt is forbiden as a modifier over mouse moves. Christian Jansen has a meeting on 2003/9/23 on customicable keayboard acc.

2.4 PNG for toolbar images

Christian Jansen, Matthias Mller-Prove and Stella Schulze realy want to have PNG as our format of choice for toolbar images. All others had doubts that we would realy need them for OOo 2.0.

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