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Meeting Minutes

Bi-Weekly Meeting common User Interface (CUI)


August 28, 2003


10:00h, MEST




+ Oliver Specht (OS)
+ Christian Jansen (CJ)
+ Matthias Müller-Prove (MMP)
- Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
+ Daniel Rentz (DR)
+ Frank Schönheit (FS)
+ Gunnar Timm (GT)
+ Christian Lippka

Minute Taker

CJ (next: CL, FS, OS, PB, MMP, GT, OS, DR, CJ)

Distribution List

Table of Contents

1 Action Items

2 Roundtable

1 Action Items




previous items

new items


1.1 Comments on Action Items

2 Roundtable

2.1 Toolbars

Christian gave us an update on the progress of the new toolbar concept for 2.0.
We've discussed the pro and cons of context sensitivity in toolbars. We agreed that the solution of displaying context toolbars on the working area like MS it does is not a nice solution. From our point of view the context sensitivity shall take place in the “standard ” toolbar area.

2.2 Context Menu Specification

Matthias and Oliver are working on the specification for context menus which behave like context menus and not like it is right now. Currently the situation is that the context is the where the cursor is. This will change to a behavior that the context is the where the user makes a right click. The specification is nearly final and Oliver will start with implementation soon.

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