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Meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting common User Interface (CUI)


September 26th 2002


10:00h, MEST


Cupertino, eham-02


+ Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
+ Christian Jansen (CJ)
+ Matthias Müller-Prove (MMP)
+ Frank Schönheit (FS)
+ Oliver Specht (OS)
+ Gunnar Timm (GT)
+ Christian Lippka (CL)
+ Daniel Rentz (DR)

Minute Taker

GT (next: OS, DR, CJ, CL, FS, PB, MMP, GT)

Distribution List

Table of Contents

  1. Action Items

  2. Roundtable

1 Action Items




previous items

Investigate Tools/Options layout



Collect occurrences of "do not show this again" dialogs

all -> FS


Save Cursor Position in Writer Document


in progress

new items

Modify color configuration for non document area


Announce "Last-Doc-Close-Prob"-Proposal


1.1 Modify color configuration for non document area

When setting the window background color to gray 50%, the cursor is not visible out of the document area in Impress/Draw. In Writer this problem does not occur because one can't edit out of this area and therefor the cursor gets another form and is visible. In Impress/Draw the cursor is painted with XOR, which obviously isn't very clever for a 50% gray... To avoid this, the color for the entire area must not be near 50% gray. E.g. avoiding a range of 40...60% will ensure at least a bit contrast between cursor and background.

1.2 Announce "Last-Doc-Close-Prob"-Proposal

MMP will post a proposal to solve the problem for what to do when closing the last document window. We hope that the community will add comments and/or give additional ideas.

2 Roundtable

2.1 Meeting frequency

All attendees agreed that it is enough to meet every 2nd week. So the next meeting will be on 2002-10-10.

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