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Meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting common User Interface (CUI)


May 02nd 2002


10:00h, MEST


Cupertino, eham-02


Danie Rentz (DR)
Gunnar Timm (GT)
Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
Oliver Specht (OS)
Christian Jansen (CJ)
Frank Schönheit (FS)

Minute Taker

FS (next: PB, DR, GT, CL, OS, FS )

Distribution List

Table of Contents

1 Action Items

2 Round table

1 Action Items




previous items

Create a concept of Common UI factory design


stalled (due July 2002)

Toolboxes in dialogs must get the correct image list set (standard/high contrast)

All ui developers

In progress

High Contrast mode (HC mode) for Listboxes, Treelistboxes and Browseboxes must be handled where used with bitmaps

All ui developers

In progress

Calling SetModeBitmap for all dialog controls with bitmaps

All ui developers

In progress

Create HC bitmaps for bitmaps used directly (i.e. in dialogs)

Stella Schulze


Proposal for Accessibility (focus, keyboard) of automatic Help Agent (the window with the bulb)


in progress (due date 16.05.2002)

Make a proposal on how to turn off all automatics instantly by a simple action


closed 1

Gather requirements and make a design proposal for a tabpage with options for the help system


done 2

Collect options inside the application tabpages for CJ that are now redundant because they're also available in the new color tabpage.



Redesign the applications tabpages that need to remove options because they're not in the color tabpage 3



new items

write task for changing the mouse cursor when positioned over the document boundaries


Comments on Action Items

    0. blue text denotes changes from the previous week

    1. this item is closed due to an bad between efforts and gain, and way too different opinions about the goal even in the round of attendees

    2. this proposal still has to be published

    3. this item depends on the previous one

2 Round table

2.1 Procedure for missing HC Icons

Now that the HC icons are all in the source tree, it was said that for any missing icons from now on

2.2 Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place in 14 days, due to the bank holidays in germany

2.3 Color for Document Boundaries

The current color for document boundaries is sub-optimal. It does not allow to see the mouse cursor, if positioned over it (refers to text documents: here the cursor is the same as over the real document, not the usual pointer).

We can't simply change this, as it is a system setting. And we can't do it like a major competitor: There product avoids their own specification, and does _not_ use the system setting, but an own one instead.

The attendees agreed that it would be feasible to simply change the cursor. As the current shape suggests that the user can type in the boundaries area, which is not the case, this would make sense, anyway. CJ is to write a task for this.

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