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Meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting Virtual User Interface (VUI) Team


April 04th 2002


10:00h, MEST


Cupertino, eham-02


Oliver Specht (OS)
Frank Schönheit (FS)
Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
Gunnar Timm (GT)
Christian Lippka (CL)
Daniel Rentz (DR)
Christian Jansen (CJ)

Minute Taker

DR (next: GT, CL, OS, FS, PB, DR)

Distribution List

Table of Contents

1 Action Items

2 Round table

1 Action Items




previous items

Create a concept of Common UI factory design



Toolboxes in dialogs must get the correct image list set (standard/high contrast)

All ui developers


High Contrast mode (HC mode) for Listboxes, Treelistboxes and Browseboxes must be handled where used with bitmaps

All ui developers

open 1

Calling SetModeBitmap for all dialog controls with bitmaps

All ui developers

open 1

new items

Create a bug that the SvTreeListBox expands and collapses an entry with the right/left cursor


Open 2

Create a bug that the SvTreeListBox catches the <ALT><Enter> key to change into the Implace-Edit-Mode


Open 3

Create a bug that it is not possible to travel through main entries only in TreeListBox of options dialog


New 4

Create HC bitmaps for bitmaps used directly (i.e. in dialogs)



Proposal for Accessibility (focus, keyboard) of automatic Help Agent (the window with the bulb)



Comments on Action Items

  1. These items are waiting for the creation of high contrast ready bitmaps by Stella Schulze (STS). The implementation of the interfaces to set bitmaps/image list for high contrast mode is done.

  2. Not all SvTreeListBoxes of our office enable the key handling of right/left cursor to expand and collapse an entry. This is inconsistent and so we decided to change this behavior in a next version.

  3. The SvTreeListBox supports the key <ALT><ENTER> to change into the Inplace-Edit-Mode. But because this is the normal key to show the properties dialog, we decided to delete this feature. However you can change into the Implace-Edit-Mode by <F2>.

  4. It is not possible to travel through the main entries in the TreeListBox of the options dialog. When the main entry gets the focus, it shows instantly its sub entries. The Box should behave consistently to other TreeListBoxes or contain a delay.

2 Round table

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