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Meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting Virtual User Interface (VUI) Team


March 21th 2002


10:00h, MEST


Cupertino, eham-02


Christian Lippka (CL)
Daniel Rentz (DR)
Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
Christian Jansen (CJ)
Oliver Specht (OS)
Frank Schönheit (FS)

Minute Taker

FS (next: PB, DR,GT, CL, OS, FS)

Distribution List

Table of Contents

1 Action Items

2 Round table

1 Action Items




previous items

Create a concept of Common UI factory design



Toolboxes in dialogs must get the correct image list set (standard/high contrast)

All ui developers


High Contrast mode (HC mode) for Listboxes, Treelistboxes and Browseboxes must be handled where used with bitmaps

All ui developers

open 1

Calling SetModeBitmap for all dialog controls with bitmaps

All ui developers

open 1

Check context menu handling


done 2

new items

check naming convention for high contrast bitmaps, check build process for high contrast image lists



create Bug for UNO-Accessibility of BrowseBox



create design document for Accessibility API of the BrowseBox



Comments on Action Items

  1. These items are waiting for the implementation of the interfaces to set bitmaps/image list for high contrast mode and the creation of high contrast ready bitmaps

  2. Regharding the selection upon opening a context menu, there are different conventions in different products. The common denominator is that when opening a context menu via mouse, on an object which does not belong to the current selection, the selection is changed to this object. Differences are whether or not the original selection is restored after the menu is closed.
    We think that as a general rule, we should change the OOo behaviour so that the selection follows the mouse click (which currently is not the case), but is not restored afterwards (due to the efforts this would imply especially for more complex scenes than a tree list box).

2 Round table

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