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Meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting Virtual User Interface (VUI) Team


February 14th 2002


10:00h, MEST


Cupertino, eham-02


Christian Lippka (CL)
Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
Gunnar Timm (GT)
Christian Jansen (CJ)
Daniel Rentz (DR)
Oliver Specht (OS)
Frank Schönheit (FS)

Minute Taker

DR (next: GT, CL, OS, FS, PB, DR)

Distribution List

Table of Contents

1 Action Items

2 Accessibility

2.1 High Contrast Mode Issues

2.2 Accessibility of Toolbar Configuration Dialog

2.3 Keyboard Shortcut Layouts

1 Action Items




Create a concept of Common UI factory design



Collect all bitmaps which have to have new colors for high contrast mode


in progress

2 Accessibility

2.1 High Contrast Mode Issues

CJ has suggested that "High Contrast Mode" should become a sub project in Accessibility to collect the proposals and other things.

It has turned out that there are still some items that do not fit the requirements of the High Contrast Mode: Rulers and a few buttons based on bitmaps. CJ sets up a proposal for a new ruler design. The bitmaps have to be collected by the developers of the specific applications (see chapter 1 – Action Items).

2.2 Accessibility of Toolbar Configuration Dialog

The redesign of the Toolbar Configuration Dialog will be done by another team and is therefore not a task of the VUI team.

2.3 Keyboard Shortcut Layouts

The Product Management (CJ) has informed us that the ability to manage different keyboard shortcut layouts is too extensive and will not be implemented for the next version.

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