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Meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting Virtual User Interface Team


February 7th 2002


10:00h, MEST


Cupertino, eham-02


Christian Lippka (CL)
Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
Gunnar Timm (GT)
Christian Jansen (CJ)
Daniel Rentz (DR)
Oliver Specht (OS)
Frank Schönheit (FS)

Minute Taker

Hans-Peter Burow (next: DR, GT, CL, OS, FS, DR)

Distribution List

Table of contents

1 Action Items

1.1 Comments on Action Items

2 Misc

2.1 Problems with button images in vertical writing mode

3.2 Accessibility of BrowseBox

4 Bottom Line

4.1 Abbreaviations

1 Action Items




Create a concept of Common UI factory design



Determine what to do for Accessibility



Determine whether a description for gallery elements is necessary



Collect all bitmaps which have to have new colors for high contrast mode (1)



1.1 Comments on Action Items

  1. We all have to collect all bitmaps in our projects which have to have new colors to be accessible in a high contrast mode. CJ will get these bitmaps to change their colors.

2 Misc

2.1 Problems with button images in vertical writing mode

OS told us a problem with button images when you set the writer in vertical writing mode and you want to change some settings. The images of some buttons have to rotate by 90° to show the direction of writing. But this will change the size dimension, because our images aren't square but rectangluar. The solution can be to give our button images a new size: 16 x 16 pixel for small images and 32 x 32 pixel for big images. OS and CJ will make a test scenario to verify if this solution is workable. Then VCL have to provide a method to rotate bitmaps and we need a new slot flag which describe that the image for this slot must rotate in a special state.

In addition we decided to take Magenta as the mask color for all images. CJ will convert the images.

2.2 Accessibility of BrowseBox

Because no other of us has enough time in the moment and FS has the most knowledge of the BrowseBox, he is responsible to make the BrowseBox accessible.

3 Bottom Line

3.1 Abbreaviations

VCL - visual component library - base library used for visualizing OOo to the user

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