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September 20th 2001

Weekly User Interface meeting


Previous week's TODOs



Create a team section on staroffice-doc and on OOo



Determine and publish responsibilities


In progress

Assemble list of UI components/classes/dependencies


In progress

Check if common UI code can/should be moved from SfxApplication to OfficeApplication


In progress


Prefix or namespace

We discuss if we will use a prefix (like “Cui”) or better a namespace (like “CommonUserInterface”) for the new classes of our project. We didn't reach a decision, but the most attendees preferred the namespace. The final decision will be published in one of the next meeting protocols.

Presence of the product management

Because CJ was present at this meeting, OS gave him a short introduction in the concepts how we can implement a replaceable or customizable UI and how difficult it will be. So the product management has the informations to plan next features.

Bug status

Because all office UI developers have still some open “Final 6.0” bugs, there is not enough time in this week to begin the new UI project (that means to move sources between cvs trees and create new DLL's).

Remark: All initials for names should be interpreted as <Initial>

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