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September 18th 2001

Protocol Replaceable UI





Create documentation for slots using sdi-files



How-to intercept PopupMenues



Configurable scripts (in menue/toolbars/accelarators)



Find hard-coded accelerators



Propagation of view property changes to other existing views



Find missing view properties



Enable menu configuration in runtime using XML-configuration files



UI component replacement

Dialog replacement

The replacement of dialogs can be achieved by intercepting the slots (already possibly). To enable users to intercept slots an automatically generated documentation of all configurable slots has to be created from the sdi-files and the related slot-resource files. If possible the help texts for the slots should be added.

To increase performance the dialogs are to be moved to load-on-call libraries. A factory to implement this has to be defined.

Replacement of PopupMenues

A list of non-standard PopupMenues has to be collected. The standard popupMenue is created from SfxDispatcher::ExecutePopup().

Replacement of Menu/Toolbox/Accelerators

To change the Menu/Toolbox/Accelerator configuration at runtime an XML-based interface will be introduced.

In the near future it will not be possible to replace the controller that are bound to the slots and also not possible to register own controllers.

The possibility of configuring inline scripts has to be checked.

It has to be checked whether hard-coded accelerators are used and how they can be replaced.

Properties of views

All configurable view elements (ScrollBars, Help tips, Rulers, object bars) should be accessible via API and not be overwritten by user interface actions. This will prevent the necessity of implementing hacks like hiding the StatusBar in the Help UI or preventing Help tips in the writer.

It has to be determined how changes of view properties are propagated to existing views. Today some settings only affect the current and future views (like Scrollbars, Rulers) and some are applied to all existing views (like ObjectBar, StatusBar).

Missing view properties have to be found and implemented (like help tip).

Remark: All initials for names should be interpreted as <Initial>

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