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August 31st 2001

Protocol UI Team start-up





Create a team section on staroffice-doc and on OOo


Determine and publish responsibilities


UI Team start-up

The virtual UI team will take over almost all UI implementations and tasks from the SFX team except for basic implementations (SfxTabPage/SfxTabDialog/SfxToolboxController/SfxMenuController).

The maintenance of the tools/configure dialog remains to MBA.

Permanent responsibilities for certain code parts have to be defined shortly (like help UI, template UI). At the same time substitutes have to be defined. These responsibilities will be published on the staroffice-doc section and on

Future plans

The location of the common UI code and the created libraries has to be defined. The code that is currently located in svtools, sfx2, svx, offmgr will be moved to a common UI project that produces more than one library (i.e. one used at start-up, one with frequently used components, ... ). Requirements of the so-player have to be considered.

Replacements and features

Components like the Stylist, the SvxRuler, and the tools/configure dialog should be replaced in the future.

Also new features (like accessibility) have to be designed and implemented in cooperation with the product management.

Team organization

A weekly team meeting has to be scheduled with the following regular attendees: FS, PB, GT, CL, DR, OS

Remark: All initials for names should be interpreted as <Initial>

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