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Meeting Minutes

Weekly Meeting common User Interface (CUI)




10:00h, MEST




+ Oliver Specht (OS)
+ Christian Jansen (CJ)
+ Matthias Müller-Prove (MMP)
+ Hans-Peter Burow (PB)
+ Daniel Rentz (DR)
+ Frank Schönheit (FS)

Minute Taker


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Table of Contents

1 Action Items

2 Roundtable
2.1 Adobe Roadshow
2.2 DnD concept
2.3 New Toolkit
2.4 Large UI projects for OOo 2.0

1 Action Items




previous items

new items

2 Roundtable

2.1 Adobe Roadshow

MMP told that Adobe will held a road show where they introduce some of their products, and that one session is planned in Hamburg (which is pretty nearby to where all attendees live :), so that there is a possibility to sneak at their newest products.

2.2 DnD concept

CJ told us that the user experience team is working on a common concept for Drag'n'Drop in OOo, to harmonize the different behaviours we currently have across the applications (for instance, compare what is necessary to drag a rectangular shape from application A to application B).

2.3 New Toolkit

It was asked what's the current status of the "new toolkit" project, which aims at creating a concept for a new low-level widget/graphics layer, which is to superseed VCL, and for instance would allow OOo to look like a native application on every platform/desktop.

Nobody of the attendees knew anything about the current status, perhaps because nobody is reading the respective * mailing lists ...

A discussion arose about the complexity of this project, and the attendees agreed that it's quite ambitious ...

2.4 Large UI projects for OOo 2.0

A quick poll was made about ideas what big changes we would need to/should do in the common UI for a OOo 2.0. Mentioned areas: The options dialog (which is way too confusing in it's appearance/results currently), the keyboard configuration dialog, and the documents and templates dialog which was suggested to be merged with the file open dialog.

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