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module text

AccessibleEndnoteView The accessible view of endnotes.
AccessibleFootnoteView The accessible view of footnotes.
AccessibleHeaderFooterView The accessible view of headers and footers.
AccessibleImageBullet The accessible view of an image bullet.
AccessiblePageView The accessible view of pagees.
AccessibleParagraphView The accessible view of a paragraph fragment.
AccessibleTextDocumentPageView The accessible page preview of a text document.
AccessibleTextDocumentView The accessible view of a text document.
AccessibleTextEmbeddedObject The accessible view of an inactive embedded object. If an embedded object gets active, the active document gets an accessible object tree of its own. This tree is not a subtree of the object that supports this service but of the document service itself. The tree exist only until the ovject is deactivated.
AccessibleTextFrameView The accessible view of text frames.
AccessibleTextGraphicObject The accessible view of graphics.
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