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of Stylist UI


The purpose of the Stylist is to view (also hirarchiacal) the available and applied styles and to maintain and apply them. Most of the functionality is triggered by the Stylist but excecuted by the applications.

The Stylist is a floating and resizeable window. The Titlebar contains the Closer and Minimizer.

Buttons in Toolbar

Depending on the application, the following (Radio-style) buttons are available to switch between style types (character, paragraph, etc.)

Text document

  • Paragraph styles

  • Character styles

  • Frame styles

  • Page styles

  • Numbering styles

Spreadsheet document

  • Cell styles

  • Page styles

Presentation document

  • Graphic styles

  • Presentation styles

Drawing document

  • Graphic styles

  • Presentation styles (always disabled)

As tools for all applications are furthermore the following buttons:

  • Fill Format Mode

  • New Style from Selection

  • Update Style

Treelistbox for Style-list

Drag & Drop

It's possible to D&D something from the document into the Treelistbox. The content is taken as a template for a new style and a Dialog pops up to give you the opportunity to create a new style. D&D from the Treelistbox into the document is not supported.

Context Menue

The Context Menue contains:

  • New

  • Modify

  • Delete

Keyboard Control

  • Delete

  • Cursor up / down

  • <+> and <->


Sets a kind of filter for the entries in the Treelistbox, e.g. listing Applied Styles or Custom Styles. Depending on document type there are the following entries:

Text document

  • Hierarchical

  • All styles

  • Applied styles

  • Custom styles

  • Automatic

  • Text styles

  • Chapter styles

  • List styles

  • Index styles

  • Special styles

  • HTML styles

  • Conditional styles

Spreadsheet, Presentation and Drawing document

  • Hierarchical

  • All styles

  • Applied styles

  • Custom styles

Auhor: Gunnar Timm
Last Modified: 2002 01 14 16:00
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