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rudimentary functional description


The file open dialog implementation allows to, well, open or save files. In a more abstract sense, it allows to browse a content hierarchy as provided by a Universal Content Broker, and pick a content in such a hierarchy for doing an action with this content (mostly "load" or "save").

A general problem is the difference between a specification for the file picker service, and the usage of this service in OOo. An example for this is the paragraph about settings persistence: In general, the dialog tries to restore some settings from it's previous incarnation. However, this is a feature of the service. In OOo, there may be places where this is explicitly disabled for whatever reasons, which then is a feature of the enclosing component.

This document is not remotely a complete specification. It covers things which we found to be usefull information, and which may be the very rudimentary base of what would be a real specification.

Keyboard navigation

As every dialog within, in general controls within the dialog are reachable via a shortcut. For instance the filter listbox has a label called "Filter", where the underlined "t" means the filter list box can be activated by pressing "Alt-L".

This should work in the usual manner – no matter where the focus is, "Alt-<shortcut>" should travel to the respective control.

Settings Persistence

In general, the file open dialog should remember it's last working directory, relative to it's context. Here, context means the usage of the dialog: "as save-as dialog", "as file-open dialog", as "open graphics dialog". The context concept of the dialog is to be re-designed, currently, there is a lot of magics involved which I'd be ashamed of to tell here in more detail.

In general, upon starting the dialog, it tries to restore the last working directory for this context (this can be overwritten from the outside). For file-URLs, an existence check is made, and if the folder does not exist anymore, a error message is shown. After this, the default working directory (as got from the configuration) is chosen as initial path to show.

Author: Frank Schönheit
Last Modified: 04.03.02 18:36:53
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