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OpenOfficeJava Component Loader


Example in OpenOffice Basic


Before you can take advantage of your component written in the programming language Java you have to load the Java component. The process of the loading of the component is enabled by the Java Component Loader.

In the following one describes, how you can load a component written in Java. The example is based on the programming language OpenOffice Basic.

Example in OpenOffice Basic

If you want access the services implemented in a Java class file, you must create the UNO service "" to get the Java loader.


In order to register your component you should create the implementation registration and register the desired service.

regImpl = createUnoService("")
regImpl.registerImplementation("", "file:///E:/Trash/Inspector/InstanceInspector.jar", null)

After suitable preparation you can create your service:

objectInstanceInspector = createUnoService("")


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