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Acceptor / Connector services

Acceptor / Connector services


Adding connection types


The services and allow for establishing a bytestream connection between two processes. After establishing the connection, there is no longer a difference between the client and the server.

Connections may be used, for example, by a remote bridge.


The acceptor-service (or server) allows listening on a resource for clients to connect. The connector-service (or client) allows for connecting to a "listening resource". Both services support socket and pipe connections. Pipes work only on the same computer, as they use shared memory for data transfer. Sockets work in a tcp/ip network environment. The string, for the connect/accept calls, has the following format:

     <kind of connection>,<parametername1>=<value1>,...

for example:

Supported are the following:
Kinds of connection:
- socket : TCP/IP-sockets
- pipe :
Parameters for socket-connection:
- host: networkname of the computer
- port : TCP/IP-Port to listen on
- tcpNoDelay : socket-tcpNoDelay-flag
can be set to 1 or 0. Should be 1 for a UNO connection, as it may otherwise come two 200 ms delays under certain circumstances. Defaults to the system default (in general 0).
Parameters for a pipe-connection:
- name : the name of the pipe

The connector component may be reused to initiate connections to multiple processes. The acceptor component may only be used to listen on one resource. Subsequent calls to the accept method must pass the same connection description string.

Adding connection types

You can add your own connection type by implementing a service with the name<connection-type> and<acceptor-type> , where connection-type is the name to be used, instead of socket.

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