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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.4 released

Test Case: for_pg05

Test Area: Solaris - Linux - Windows

Test Aim
Verify text document can colour page gray.


    1. From the menu bar,  select File - New - Text Document.
    2. A new text document should be launched.
    3. From the menu bar,  select Format - Page.
    6. The Format Page dialog should appear.
    7. Ensure there are 8 tab settings,
         Organizer, Page, Background, Header, Footer, Borders, Columns and Footnote.
         Select each tab setting.
    8. Under the  Background tab select the Background color to  gray.
    9. Ensure the Background color of  the page is now gray.
    10. Close the text document.
Expected Result:
All operations should complete successfully.

End of test case

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