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Test Case AOOTest-679: Change numbering type contain outline style number [Version : 2]
Author:undefined - 12/03/2014 06:34:59


#:Step actions:Expected Results:

Create a new writer document, input 10 paragraphs

Then apply one numbering to paragraph 1-5 from context menu 'Numbering/Bullets...' then switch to numbering tab. Appy another numbering to paragraph 6-10

paragraph1-5 have a numbering, paragraph6-10 have another numbering


Select paragraph 5-7, from context menu select 'Numbering/Bullets..." again


The 'Bullets and Numbering" dialog open


Switch to Numbering Type tab, and select a new numbering type different with the applied two in step 1, click 'OK' button to apply


Now paragraph 1-4 should have a numbering type set in step 1,  paragraph 8-10 should have another numbering type set in step 1, paragraph 5-7 should have a new numbering type set in step 2



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