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Test Case AOOTest-677: Apply numbering type to paragraphs has Heading style [Version : 2]
Author:undefined - 12/03/2014 03:44:38


#:Step actions:Expected Results:

Create a new writer document and input several paragraphs

Paragraphs successfully created


Select several paragraphs in the new created paragraphs and apply numbering from tool bar


Default numbering are correctly applied to the specified paragraphs



Select these paragraphs then open 'Bullest and Numbering" dialog from right click -> Numbering/Bullets and then switch to Numbering Type tab. Select another numbering type , click ok

All the selected Paragraphs applied with number using the selected numbering type.


Undo/Redo several times

The previous action can be successfully undo/redo


Execution type:Manual
Test Focus:
Feature first available at which release:
Automation script name:
Testsuite set:
Requirements None
Keywords: None

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