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Test Case AOOTest-66: TOCSettings-BuiltInFormat-Modern [Version : 2]
Author:undefined - 30/08/2012 06:43:08


It is to verify Built-in TOC styles have same looking with that in MS Word 2003. This test case focus on Modern style




 Sample file:

#:Step actions:Expected Results:

launch AOO and open the sample file.

The sample file was opened successfully.


Check the TOC in first page, and compare it with that in MS Word 2003. Screenshot of TOC in MS Word 2003 is just copied behind the real TOC.

  •  the TOC in AOO is same with that in MS Word 2003.   
  • the jump function work well, that is to say, Ctrl+Click on TOC entry can jump to corresponding main content.

Update TOC

TOC after update is same as before update.

Execution type:Manual
Test Focus:Usability
Feature first available at which release:AOO3.5
Automation script name:
Testsuite set:
RequirementsAOO3.5: AOO3.5 TOC Fidelity with MS Office 2003
Keywords:FVT(Function Verification Test)

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