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Test Case AOOTest-325: create an instant filter with VLOOK formula with the sample file [Version : 2]
Author:undefined - 12/03/2014 03:16:42


#:Step actions:Expected Results:

Create a new spreadsheet document and input below data in range A1:C24


Month Product Sales
Jan A 1200
Jan A 1500
Jan A 1800
Jan A 1600
Jan B 1200
Jan B 1500
Jan B 1800
Feb A 1300
Feb A 1900
Feb B 2100
Feb B 2000
Feb C 1500
Feb C 1700
Feb B 1200
Feb B 1900
Mar B 1400
Mar B 1500
Mar C 1200
Mar C 1200
Mar A 1800
Mar A 1400
Mar A 1600
Mar C 1300


Data successfully created in the spreadsheet



Apply standard filter on column B from menu 'Data -> Filter -> AutoFilter'


Auto Filter successfully apply to column B



Select any product from filter drop down list.


It can work properly without any crash.




Save to ODS format, reload and resave to XLS format, reload

Then close and reopen from MS Excel

The spreadsheet can be successfully load/save to the specified format

Excel can also successfully load the XLS file


Execution type:Manual
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Requirements None
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