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Test Case AOOTest-324: CoreFunction(Filter-)Standard Filter)_Copy result to [Version : 2]
Author:undefined - 12/03/2014 03:00:22


#:Step actions:Expected Results:

Create a spreadsheet document then create below data in range A1:C24.


Month Product Sales
Jan A 1200
Jan A 1500
Jan A 1800
Jan A 1600
Jan B 1200
Jan B 1500
Jan B 1800
Feb A 1300
Feb A 1900
Feb B 2100
Feb B 2000
Feb C 1500
Feb C 1700
Feb B 1800
Feb B 1900
Mar B 1400
Mar B 1500
Mar C 1200
Mar C 1200
Mar A 1800
Mar A 1400
Mar A 1600
Mar C 1300


Data successfully created in the new spreadsheet




Select the whole data range then Select main menu 'Data->Filter->Standard Filter'

Pop up 'Standard Filter' dialog


Set the Filtering options in 'Operator', 'Field name', 'Condition' and 'Value' as:

Operator    Field Name    Condition   Value

    --              Month              <>             Jan

   AND         Product             ==              A




Click 'OK' button to close 'Standard Filter' dialog

Results should be displayed at the original area.


Click Undo/Redo several times

The prevous actions could be undo/redo successfully


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