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Test Case AOOTest-243: Graphic Bullet-customized [Version : 1]
Author:undefined - 29/09/2012 09:00:59

the purpose is the MS Word 2003 Document containing graphic bullets can be imported into Symphony correctly.

#:Step actions:Expected Results:

launch AOO,open the sample file

can open the sample file


Go to page4, check the customized graphic bullet

it should be same with MS 2003 office.


 select some customized graphic bullet and modify to other format graphic bullet.

bullet will be modified correctly.


 select one customized graphic bullet, and delete it.

can delete successfully.


insert some text between two line text which have customized graphic bullets.

bullet will be added  automatically beyond this text


select some customized graphic bullets and increase indent many   times,and then decrease indent many times.

can increase\decrease indent correctly


undo all previous steps,then redo all previous steps

redo\undo correctly


save the sample file in *.odt type,and then reopen it with AOO

can open it,and all graphic bullet is shown correctly.


save the sample file in *.doc type,and reopen it with MS word 2003

can open it,and all graphic bullet is shown correctly.

Execution type:Manual
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