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Test Case AOOTest-2186: Creat a Form Letter with a new document [Version : 1]
Author:undefined - 22/04/2014 06:08:01

To create a form letter, you need a text document that contains fields for address data, and an address database. Then you combine or merge the address data and the text document to either print the letters or send them by e-mail.

#:Step actions:Expected Results:

New a writer, choose Tools - Mail Merge Wizard

You see the Mail Merge Wizard dialog.


Select  the current Writer document as the base for the mail merge document., and click Next button


Select Letter and click Next.


On the next step of the wizard, click the Select Address List button to check that you are using the correct address list. Select an address block type, match the data fields if necessary, and click Next.


Next follows the Create a salutation step. Deselect the Insert personalized salutation box. Under General salutation, select the salutation that you want on top of all letters.


Click Next and finally Finish to create the mail merge

create form letter successfully

Execution type:Manual
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Requirements None
Keywords:FVT(Function Verification Test)

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