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Test Case AOOTest-2181: Clean Install AOO on Windows [Version : 1]
Author:undefined - 15/04/2014 12:28:57

Uninstall all older product versions if have
Unpack and install the downloaded Apache OpenOffice 4.x files.
Run Apache OpenOffice 4.x to ensure that the installation was successful


There are no older product versions, if it have, please uninstall them

#:Step actions:Expected Results:

Either using Windows Explorer or Mozilla/Netscape's Download Manager, navigate to the Apache OpenOffice file you downloaded, then launch the unpacking and installation program

The Installation Preparation window is displayed to note that you need to unpack the installation files and copy them to your hard disk


Click Next

The Select Folder window is displayed


Accept the destination folder name displayed in the text box or enter the name of the folder in which to save the unpacked files, and click Unpack

Once the files are unpacked, the AOO 4.x Installation Wizard is displayed


Click Next

The Customer Information window appears


Complete Customer Information form and click Next

The Setup Type window is displayed


Select a setup type (Typical or Custom) and click Next

The Ready to Install the Program window is displayed


Click the Back button to return previous windows to change your installation options, otherwise click Install to begin the installation process

Once the installation process done, the Installation Wizard Completed window is displayed


Click the Finish button

AOO is installed on your system


Launch AOO either from desktop shortcut or from startup group item

AOO is launched

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