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Test Case AOOTest-20: Link Sheet from other file [Version : 1]
Author:undefined - 23/08/2012 08:30:51

Link sheet form other file, there are 3 mode in API level, NONE,VALUE,NORMAL

NONE:No link

VALUE:only link the formula result, not include the formula

NORMAL: link the formula and formula result

#:Step actions:Expected Results:

Create a new SpreadSheet document SC1, input some value and formula in every sheet, save it to file and close it.

Save and close successfully


Create a new SpreadSheet document SC2, Insert 3 new sheet into SC2, link them to SC1 Sheet, the 3 link mode is NONE,VALUE,NORMAL

Link successfully,

For NONE mode link, no content display,

for VALUE mode link, only the formula result link, the formula not link

For NORMAL mode link, formula and formula result will link


Save the document and reopen

Same as step 2


Change the formula in SC1 and close, then open SC2 document and update the link.

The result should update correct

Execution type:Automated
Test Focus:Usability
Feature first available at which release:
Automation script name:/testuno/source/testcase/uno/sc/sheet/
Testsuite set:Functionality
Requirements None
Keywords:FVT(Function Verification Test)

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