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Test Case AOOTest-2040: Text Input Field-Microsoft Word binary filter [Version : 1]
Author:undefined - 17/12/2013 09:08:37

To enable the user to enter respectively leave an Input Field special hidden characters are inserted for the cursor traveling


Open AOO

#:Step actions:Expected Results:

Start AOO Writer

Start Successfully.


Create a new field by "Create->Field->Others...",Switch to Functions Tab,Select "Input field" in the Type list area,type the text that you want to display as a help tip when you rest the mouse pointer over the field.Click Insert button.Click OK button.

The reference was inserted in Frame successfully


Save as .doc file ,open and check input field in MS Office


In general Input Fields will be exported as Microsoft Word FORMTEXT fields.


When imported Microsoft Word FILLIN fields, save as .doc file , open and check input field in MS Office

these will be exported as Microsoft Word FILLIN fields unless the Input Field's help text or tooltip text is filled.

Execution type:Manual
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