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Test Case AOOTest-1816: Underline style [Version : 1]
Author:undefined - 25/11/2013 16:37:25

Check OOXML(MS Word) support with feature Underline style, in AOO


Need account to get sample document

#:Step actions:Expected Results:

Open the sample document FFCMS2007FFCSW_CharacterStyle_underlineStyle0000.docx from svn( in MS Word 2007 (see attached screenshot: FFCMS2007FFCSW_CharacterStyle_underlineStyle0000.jpg)


Open it in AOO

It can be opened successfully


Check the following character styles in step 1 and step 2, to see display in step 2 is the same with display in step 1

underline style


It displays same between MS Word and AOO Writer

Execution type:Manual
Test Focus:Usability
Feature first available at which release:
Automation script name:
Testsuite set:
Requirements None
Keywords: None

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