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Test Case AOOTest-1764: AOOTest-1762:Existing SpreadSheet_Table [Version : 1]
Author:undefined - 14/11/2013 07:52:03
1. Launch AOO and click Database
2. In Database Wizard, check option "Connect to an existing database file" and select "Spreasheet" in dropdown listbox, then click "Next"
3. Click "Browse" and select folder where Spreadsheet file(s) in and click OK(one spreadsheet per one table)
4. Check option " SpreadSheet' files  " and click Finish
5. Save it as an odb file
6. Check Tasks zone (task items "Create Table in Design View" and "Use Wizard to Create Table" are disabled)
7. Check Description (Nothing in it)
8. Check Tables zone (all csv tables are listed)
9. Check Preview zone (select Document, a snapshot of table is listed for each table)
10. Check Status bar (Database type: Text; Database name/database file path: C:\text(for example); User: none; IP: none)

 JRE properly installed.

If not click Tool->Options->Java->Add

Execution type:Manual
Test Focus:Usability
Feature first available at which release:
Automation script name:
Testsuite set:
Requirements None
Keywords:FVT(Function Verification Test)

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