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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.13
Project Lead: Maho Nakata
Co-Leads: Joost Andrae / Caio Tiago Oliveira de Sousa

Quality Assurance - Join QA

         Issue Handling
In this area you find general rules, you should be familiar before creating issues.
Here you can find QA related and beyond stuff on Wicki.

         Developer Snapshot
Here you get the latest OpenOffice Version Build.
         Issue tracking query
Before sending Issues, check if it is not a duplicate Issue.
         Track Issues
In this area you can mainly control the progress of your Issue inside the CWS process.
         Issue Tracker
Here you can login in Issuetracker, the oo bugtracking tool.
Here you can login in TCM, the oo TestCaseManagement tool.
Here you can login in to QATrack.
Here you get access to the EIS (Environment Information System).

In this area you find what is todo.

Revision: 2.00

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