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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.7 released
Team Lead: Stefan Baltzer

QA Writer - Responsibilities

Stefan Baltzer
(SBA) Team Lead - Expert in linguistic (spell checker), Find&Replace, document view, CJK/CTL/RTL aspects, AutoText, AutoCorrection, AutoFormat, word count, sorting, calculation, ruler, encodings, ASCII-text filter - Language(s): Engl./Germ.
Helge Delfs
(HDE) Team Member - Expert in Automation for Writer, WriterWeb and master document, Windows master workspace automation, statistic and source documentation (PHP, MySQL) for automation tools - Language(s): Engl./Germ.
Hasan Ilter
(HI) Team Member - Expert in Wizards, Templates, Sample documents, Form letters (database access), Configuration (toolbars), PDF, Printing (general, Envelopes + Labels, spadmin) - Language(s): Engl./Germ./Turk.
Michael Rüß
(MRU) Team Member - Expert in Import/export filter (i.e. MS Word, RTF), Math (formula editor), tables, OLE objects, caption, document structure + formatting (character, paragraph, page format), sections, line numbering, numbering/bullets (incl. outline), footnotes, redlining, frames, drawings, graphics, object positioning, ODF plugin for Word - Language(s): Engl./Germ.
Éric Savary
(ES) Team Member - Expert in Clipboard, Navigator, accessibility, indexes, bibliography, fields + references, HTML + SXW (XML) file format, master documents, toolbars, hyperlinks, Web layout, fonts, character input, IME support - Language(s): Engl./Germ./Fren.
Jacqueline Rahemipour
(jrahemipour) Team Member - Expert in Localisation (UI and Help Content for DE project), Numberings, Mail Merge, Templates, Indexes, Tables, Graphics, Complex documents, Word Im-/Export - Language(s): Engl./Germ.

Revision: 2.00

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