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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.14

13 October, 2005 - 1400 UTC

On this day, five years ago, the fledgling community provided the first public access to the source code donated from StarOffice by Sun Microsystems. The community had recently been formed, and declared it's intent "to create, as a community, the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data". Since then, the popularity and functionality of the office productivity suite has grown exponentially and has had a major impact not only in the greater Open Source community, but for all users of office productivity software, worldwide

The last five years have not only seen significant improvements in the software, but also a notable growth in the community and a number of organisational changes. These changes include the tremendous growth of the Native Language Confederation, which now numbers thousands of contributors, the establishment of a Community Council, and the Engineering Steering Committee, both of which go a long way to improving communication and transparency in one of the largest open-source communities. developers and contributors number in the thousands and they live in every part of the globe. From its early days to now, has been international in scope and mission.

Significant contributions from many organisations including Novell, Red Hat, Debian, Propylon, Intel and primary sponsor Sun Microsystems, ensure the ongoing presence and support of Independent contributors also make a considerable impact in terms of code development, marketing, translation, documentation and web presence.

The community looks forward to the continuing the expansion, enhancement and innovation of technologies within the suite.

One thing is certain, there is more to come.


The Project is an international community of volunteers and sponsors including founding sponsor and primary contributor, Sun Microsystems. develops, supports, and promotes the open-source office productivity suite, The project can be found at //. fully supports the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) OASIS Standard and is available on major computing platforms in over 60 languages.

Global Marketing Contacts

Jacqueline McNally (UTC +08h00) Marketing Project Lead
+61 (8) 9474-3021

John McCreesh (UTC +01h00) Marketing Project Co-Lead
+44 (131) 523-9218

Louis Suarez-Potts Community Manager
+1 (416) 625-3843

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