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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15 Mac OS X Delivery Schedule

The Mac Porting Team for OpenOffice are actively producing a new Aqua build of OpenOffice.

Currently the Mac port is producing regular builds for both PPC and Intel Macs. However only some locales are being QAed and released as stable. At the moment, the Mac Porting Team are keeping up with producing builds, as the main supported Operating System builds of OpenOffice are produced. For more information see the roadmap for the OpenOffice project (PDF).

Updated Timeline for Aqua (September 2007)

At the weekly port meeting of the Mac OS X port team on Friday 24 March 2007, an updated road map was introduced. See the meeting log and agenda. Please find the updated road map below:

Approximate Date Action (Items in Green are complete)
September 2006
February 2007
  • Propose the Top 10 issues before Alpha public build
  • Do intensive debug
  • Make Apple Fonts Implementation (ATS) work
March/April 2007
  • Complete the Top 10 issues before Alpha public build
  • Continue intensive debug (Salframe, refresh, HIView implementation)
  • Complete Apple Fonts Implementation (ATS) implementation (fix some residual bugs)
  • Validate Native Filepicker
May 2007
  • Present a downloadable public Aqua version, working as alpha (not complete, with missing features to be implemented later)
  • Start QA using user's feedback
June/July 2007
July/August 2007
  • Integrate Native Filepicker properly
  • Make drag and drop work
  • Make opening of files from other Mac OS X applications work
  • Start Cocoa transition
  • Integrated Apple Address Book support
  • Integrated Apple Native Spell Checker support
September 2007
  • Present the current state of the project at the Conference 2007 September 18-21 in Barcelona
  • Make an alpha Carbon version of available for public download
  • Present Aqua at the Apple expo (Paris) September 25-29 2007
End 2007
  • Make native printing work
  • Complete the localisation of any Mac specific strings
  • Integration of QuickTime
  • Propose a beta version of Aqua

History of the Mac Port

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