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Last updated 2004-08


PPC Linux 1.1.2 is able to run on any PPC Linux system with glibc 2.3.1 or higher, XFree86 4.0 or higher, etc.

Note. The home for PPC Linux releases is at:

Please support our PPC Linux distributions any way you can! They are helping to bring great new software to you!


Kevin Hendricks

khendricks at

PPC Linux Links

The PPC Linux files on the mirrors are best accessed by going directly to the mirror sites listed below and seeing what is available. The current release files are: for LinuxPPC
Location Type URL Connection Maintainer
(YellowDog Linux)
*** N/A
N/A HTTP (look in software/openoffice) (YellowDog Worldwide) *** N/A
N/A FTP *** N/A
*** N/A
Austria HTTP *** Antonin Sprinzl
Austria FTP *** Antonin Sprinzl
Belgium FTP ** Yves Tavernier
Brazil HTTP Linorg *** Linorg
Canada (Quebec) HTTP Gulus *** Gulus
Denmark HTTP ***
Denmark FTP ***
Germany FTP ** Guenther Fischer
Germany FTP LEO *** Daniel Lang
Germany HTTP LEO *** Daniel Lang
Germany FTP *** Thomas List
Germany FTP ***
Germany FTP ** Stefan Taxhet
Germany HTTP ** Stefan Taxhet
Japan FTP **
Japan HTTP *** Contact
Japan FTP *** Contact
Netherlands FTP SNT FTP Server *** Michael Niblett
Netherlands HTTP SNT Server *** Michael Niblett
Poland FTP (OpenOfficePL) *** B.Maruszewski
Portugal HTTP ** Vitor Domingos
Portugal FTP ** Vitor Domingos
Spain FTP ** Felix Valle
Spain HTTP ** José Manuel Macias
Spain FTP ** José Manuel Macias
Sweden FTP ***
Switzerland HTTP SWITCHmirror *** SWITCHmirror Maintainers
U.S.A. HTTP DCSI ** Steve Gill
Taiwan FTP ***

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