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News 2003-07: July


The following articles represent a selection of those pertaining to, Open Source, or the general IT industry that may be of interest to the community. If you would like to share an article with the community, please send the link to Louis Suárez-Potts, Editor, at

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2003-08: July
infoconomy McNealy: "Don't touch" Linux without legal guarantees
"Scott McNealy, the chairman, president and CEO of systems vendor Sun Microsystems, has dramatically warned companies of the legal dangers of using open source software such as the Linux operating system."
NewsFactor Sun Adds Gnome Open-Source Interface to Solaris
James Maguire writes that "Leveraging the growing interest in open-source applications, Sun Microsystems will release its Solaris operating system with the Gnome desktop interface as an option."
NewsForge Open Asia: Under the radar, FLOSS thrive
Frederick Noronha continues his detailed analysis of FLOSS in Asia.
c|net Sun proposes new Web services specs
Martin LaMonica reports that, "Sun Microsystems and a handful of partners on Monday will announce they are seeking the approval of Web services specifications for coordinating electronic transactions."
NewsForge Why governments should be allowed to specify Open Source software
Robin 'Roblimo' Miller argues against so-called "'free-market' advocates" and for the requirement that governments use open-source software (OSS).
OSnews Small Business Dilemma: Open Source or Proprietary Software?
Special contributor to OS news Alex Chejlyk analyses the lure of open-source software (OSS) for small businesses. Recommended.
ZDNet Europe to push for open source
Matthew Broersma reports that, "The European Commission is placing open standards and open-source software at the centre of its efforts to promote interoperable e-government services with a new working paper introduced this month."
NewsForge Open Asia: Japan and Korea embrace open source
Frederick Noronha writes on recent initiatives in Japan and Korea regarding Open Source.
c|net SCO takes aim at Linux users
In an update, Lisa M. Bowman writes that, "SCO Group, a company arguing that Linux infringes on its Unix intellectual property, said Monday it has been granted key Unix copyrights and will start a program to let companies running Linux avoid litigation by paying licensing fees. " Making a pitch for OpenOffice
Solveig Haugland, Site Expert and respected contributor, provides a compelling, point-by-point argument for switching to Highly recommended.
ZDNet Who's liable for Linux?
Columnist Charles Cooper discusses the SCO suit and some of its more interesting repercussions.
InfoWorld Jupiter: SMBs eye open-source as Microsoft alternative
Stacy Cowley reports that "Some price-sensitive small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are turning to Linux and other open-source products as a lower-cost alternative to Microsoft Corp.'s ubiquitous business software, Jupiter Research found in a recent study."
O'Reilly ONLamp Kapor's Thoughts on Desktop Linux
Daniel Steinberg interviews Mitch Kapor (OSAF, EFF) on the state of Linux on the desktop. Recommended.
O'Reilly ONLamp The O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2003 Summary
The O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2003 took place in Portland, Oregon, USA from 07-07 to 11-07. O'Reilly has posted many useful links and summaries to the conference panels.
NewsForge OGo: No go so far
Taking a skeptical view of the claims made by the OGo project, which offers Exchange-like functionality for Linux users, Russell Pavlicek argues that OGo has a way to go before it is ready for enterprise. A useful, cogent article. Recommended. Open Source Perspective: The Significance of Open Source
Noted columnist Russell Pavlicek discusses open source, examines what it is, what it is not, what it could be. Recommended.
USA Today Linux took on Microsoft, and won big in Munich
Byron Acohido gives a riveting and in-depth account of Munich's decision to choose open-source software. Especially good examination of Microsoft's reaction and strategy. Recommended. OpenOffice is great free option to Microsoft Office
In a fine and encouraging article on, columnist Dean Asby strongly recommends as an alternative to Microsoft Office.
NewsForge Open Asia: GNU/Linux gaining visibility across the continent
Frederick Noronha provides a valuable account of the rise of open-source software (OSS) in Asia. Recommended.
InfoWorld sells Microtel PC with SuSe Linux software
John Blau, IDG News Service, reports that visitors to Wal-Mart's online shop "will find a new PC on offer with a bundle of preloaded open source software products from SuSE Linux." The package offered by SuSe includes
c|net Inside the open-source development model
In a special to CNET, "Harvard Business School professor Siobhan O'Mahony discusses her research on foundations formed around three projects: Debian, a complete non-commercial distribution of Linux; the GNU Object Model Environment (GNOME), which is a graphical user interface for Linux-based operating systems; and Apache, a public domain open source Web server." Recommended.
NewsForge The Caribbean learns about Free and Open Software - Part Two (of Two)
Robin "Roblimo" Miller reports that "The inaugural Caribbean "Free, Libré and Open Source" (FLOS) Software Conference - IT WORKS!" conference was held here June 26 and 27. It was an impressive first effort. Several local Free Software advocates felt the conference, which was held behind tight security in the Trinidad and Tobago Central Bank building, was too oriented toward officialdom. But was this bad? Officialdom was certainly there in force -- and was listening with open ears to the Free and Open Source message. "
eWeek Open-Source Groupware Aims at Exchange
Mark Hachman, of ExtremeTech (, provides an insightful account of the release of OGo: "In the spirit of the OpenOffice assault on Microsoft Office, a group of independent developers has begun an open-source groupware project intended to provide an alternative to Microsoft's Exchange Server. " Recommended.
InfoWorld New group releases open source groupware
Paul Krill reports that, " (OGo) on Thursday announced its formation and release of groupware server software under an open source format. An official at, a complementary project for building an open source office suite, calls the OGo project a replacement for Microsoft Exchange."
eWeek Open Source on Rise in Government
Reporting from OSCON 2003, Peter Galli writes that, "The use of open-source software is alive and well and growing among government agencies, including the U.S. Census Bureau." Recommended.. Open Source Takes on Exchange
Thor Olavsrud reports that " gained a sister organization and Microsoft gained another open source competitor Thursday with the coming out party for, an open source project developing groupware server software which competes with Microsoft's Exchange Server. " Recommended.
InformationWeek Japan Mulls Switch To Linux For Public Servants Data
"The government would use the open-source operating system to manage personnel data for the nation's 800,000 central government employees."
National Public Radio (USA) Computer File Sharing
Dan Charles interviews Joerg Heilig, Director of Software Engineering for StarOffice/, and Gary Edwards, member on the Oasis TCO, regarding and XML. Very interesting, worth listening to.
InfoWorld Update: High growth rates for open source in Germany
John Blau, of IDG News Service, writes that, "Germany is poised to see sales of open source software and services grow substantially over the next few years, particularly in the public sector, according to a new report published Tuesday. "
Yahoo! Reuters News Microsoft Beats Linux in Trio of Govt. Contracts
Bernard Warner writes that "Microsoft Corp announced a trio of European government contract wins on Tuesday, the latest salvo in the growing turf battle between the software giant and vendors of the upstart Linux software."

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