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News 2003-05: May


The following articles represent a selection of those pertaining to, Open Source, or the general IT industry that may be of interest to the community. If you would like to share an article with the community, please send the link to Louis Suárez-Potts, editor, at

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2003-05: May Microsoft Alters Licensing Plan, Drops Office XP Price
Erin Joyce reports on Microsoft's efforts to make its Office more affordable by dropping the license cost. (There is no fee associated with usage.) As Joyce writes, "According to a research report from Deutsche Bank securities published Wednesday, the "blunt instrument" of pricing could be one of many ways Microsoft is expected to respond to the challenge Linux poses to its market dominance."
c|net Munich breaks with Windows for Linux
As Stephen Shankland writes, "The local government in Munich, Germany, has voted to move 14,000 computers from Microsoft's Windows to the rival Linux operating system, despite efforts by the software giant to hang onto the multimillion-dollar contract." 1.1 Beta2 Hits the We
Thor Olavsrud reports that, "Two months after the release of its first beta, Thursday took 1.1 Beta2 to the Web on schedule. "
NewsForge Open Source Initiative president responds to SCO's DoS claims
Noted Open Source pundit Eric S. Raymond, President of OSI, writes that, "In a recent press release , SCO suggests that the Linux community may be responsible for the denial-of-service attack on its servers that occurred on Friday, May 2nd. This is a baseless slur, unsupported by facts." Very much worth reading.
InfoWorld Big companies save big from open source
John Blau reports that "Large companies can save a substantial amount of money by using open source software products, according to a study published Wednesday [2003-05-07] by the Swiss consultancy Soreon Research.
c|net Net attack crushes SCO Web sit
Stephen Shankland reports that, "An avalanche of data blocked access to the SCO Group's Web site for several hours Friday, said the company, which has come under fire from Linux fans for an ongoing lawsuit against IBM." Read the article below to get the context.
c|net SCO: Unix code copied into Linux
Stephen Shankland writes on the claims made by SCO Group regarding copyright infringement by Linux. "Lines from Unix's source code have been copied into the heart of Linux, sometimes exactly and sometimes in a modified form designed to disguise their origin, according to SCO Group Chief Executive Darl McBride." Worth reading.
NewsForge On Open Source Procurement Policies
Tony Stanco, Director of the Center of Open Source & Government, and Associate Director of the Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute at The George Washington University, essays an argument on procurement policies for Open Source.

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