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Strategic Marketing Plan 2010

Executive Summary

This document marks a major milestone in the development of a Strategic Marketing Plan for the office productivity suite1. Its publication is timed to coincide with the Conference 2004 (OOoCon 2004). Previous versions have had restricted circulation within the Marketing Project; this version launches the consultation process with the whole Community, aiming for a formal submission to the Community Council at the end of 2004.

The Plan looks at the current market for office productivity suites, at the major players in the field, and seeks to identify trends which will influence the market over the next five years. It looks at's place within the market now, and where it should aim to be by 2010.

The analysis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the suite and of the Community, and how these should help influence the Community's response to opportunities and threats in the marketplace.

It also looks in detail at the features of and the benefits these deliver to customers. From this analysis, the Plan identifies a number of target markets whose needs are most closely matched by the benefits provided by

Finally, the Plan sets targets for penetration by into these target markets, and lists the main strategies which the Marketing Project will use to achieve these goals. It looks at the governance of the Community, and the changes necessary for it to be able to deliver the Plan. Subsequent versions will give implementation milestones for the five years of the Plan.

The compiler would like to thank all the members of the Marketing Project and other Community members who have contributed to this Plan to date. We look forward to starting a vigorous debate at OOoCon 2004 in Berlin. As the Plan evolves, the latest version will be available on the Marketing Project web site

Comments and contributions are always invited to the Marketing Project's strategy discussion forum - see the Project pages for an archive and details of how to participate.

1This document is not a Strategic Marketing Plan for the Community, which is an entity which requires marketing in its own right

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