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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.14 Conference (OOoCon 2005)
Thursday Conference Party

September, 29th at 20.00.
Gregorčičeva 4

At 20:00 opening.
The concert hall, which is used for sessions during the day, will be adapted into nice gathering place. Easy music will played and some drinks and foods are served in order to let people to stay together and talk each other.

At 22:00 Music.
It will bring more spirit by playing Free Rhythms:

  • DJ Labosh from Zagreb (Croatia) has been traveling the spinning genres over the wide span of "groove-breaks" while he's as well a producer of curiously inventive musiq, which he's releasing at croatian net.label Egoboo.bits. For the Oocon, he'll mix us up with selection of 'egoboo' vibes, which are all available aunder CC or GPL licences.
  • DJ Nova Viator, long-time breakbeat dj and electronic producer from Ljubljana, lately very much into elektro-tech-clash fad (zarobotko), has been over years presenting free electronic music through radio waves (radiostudent:elektroblef), the today exploded CC-licenced net/labels' scene.
  • MD-Mikka - electro-acoustic and visual experimentologist - has been lurking in Ljubljana's underground for too long. It's still hard to get him out of his environment of penguin-powered noiseating boxes. Visual enter-taint-ment will therefore be excludively penguin-based - created with Free Software(tm) - -, at hear of which pounds Pure Data - graphical programming environment for lo-level A/V.
There is a nice garden beside where people, who want a little more quiet ambient can stay. Hope that impressions from that day will be mixed well with drinks and food.

Entrance: Free and only for registered OOoCon visitors.

People are invited to register.

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