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OOoCon 2005 Developer

Abstracts of Conference Papers - Developer Stream development: next steps, next level

Mathias Bauer - Manager Software Engineering, Sun Microsystems
The API and UDK teams are currently focusing on the improvement of the API and the development tool support for the SDK, both with the goal to make the development of macros, scripts and components easier.
In this session I will present the roadmap for all “programmability” related work we have planned for the next minor and major releases. So I will show how we use the new UNO features we introduced in 2.0 to make life easier for developers; how development of components will become easier with new code generators and the integration of our SDK into IDEs;
IDE support and new features for Add-On developers; improvements for Basic and the Scripting Framework; new features for component development (e.g. licencing, versioning and signing); improvements of component registration, deployment and integration; some examples and demos (e.g. from the Google Summer Of Code).
Biography: Working on and its predecessor StarOffice for 10 years now, before this working as a software developer for graphical and font software at URW. University courses in chemistry, finished with a doctor's degree.

URE living all over me

Stephan Bergmann - Sun Microsystems
UNO is's well-known component technology.  Recently, it has been made available stand-alone in the form of the UNO Runtime Environment (URE).  That has opened up the opportunity to utilize UNO in all kinds of application areas.  The relative advantages and disadvantages of using the URE in areas outside its original domain of are discussed and demonstrated in this session.  Also, an outlook is given of how and the URE can continue to co-exist and to influence each other in their respective future evolution.
Biography: Stephan is working for Sun for quite some time now, on various aspects of and StarOffice, and recently on setting UNO free.


OpenOffice: slow, bloated ?

Michael Meeks - Itinerant Idiot, Novell, Inc. has some interesting & challenging performance problems, particularly on Free systems. This talk will look at some of the opportunities in this area, and present various analysis of where & free systems are going wrong. I'll also give some overview of what has been done to improve things and the ongoing work at Novell in this area.

Target audience: Hard-core developers.
Biography: Michael is a Christian and enthusiastic believer in Free software. He very much enjoys working for Novell where as a member of the Desktop research team he has worked on desktop infrastructure and applications, particularly the CORBA, Bonobo, Nautilus and accessibility, amongst other interesting things. He now works full time developing Prior to this he worked for Quantel gaining expertise in real time AV editing and playback achieved with high performance focused hardware / software solutions.
Back and AMD64 platform

Jan Holesovsky - SUSE/Novell
Porting to 64bit platforms has several problems.  The codebase is huge, parts of code are really old and do not handle 64bit longs and pointers, the gcc-UNO bridge has to be fixed, etc.

This talk will introduce the AMD64 architecture from the developer's point of view, describe the problems in length, will consult the solutions of the problems (either existing or planned), and present the current status of the port.  It will also focus on good developer habits that save effort of the porters.
Biography: 28 years old male with first Linux experience back in 1995.  During 1998 and 1999 I was a part of  KTTV team which was programming an editor of lecture notes for Linux (word processor and vector drawing program).  I worked for SUSE as a YaST2 developer from 1999 to 2002, interrupted it to graduate from the Charles University, started my development in 2003, and joined SUSE again in 2004; this time as an developer.
In, I focus on KDE integration ( and AMD64 porting.

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