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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15
Why do we have a Marketing Project?
The Apache OpenOffice Marketing Project exists to promote the Apache OpenOffice Community and the Products and Services it provides.
The Apache OpenOffice Community

The Apache OpenOffice Community consists of thousands of people who have joined one of our Projects and design, develop, maintain, translate, test, document, support, promote, or in any other way help us bring Apache OpenOffice to the world.

OpenOffice Products and Services

OpenOffice's best known Product is the OpenOffice office productivity suite, available in a hundred or so languages on all major computing platforms. We also supply extensions, which add extra functions to the productivity suite. In addition, we are a source of high-quality office software components for systems developers to use in their own products. We have a particular expertise in ODF components (for processing documents in the ISO approved Open Document Format).

Apache Software Foundation

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