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OpenOffice.org blogs


A Planet is a web page which consolidates posts by a number of bloggers. There are a number of OpenOffice.org Planets: the OpenOffice.org Planet is the widest collection, with people blogging on a wide variety of OpenOffice.org topics. Other more specialised Planets include:

Individual bloggers

Some of these blogs may no longer pertain specifically to OpenOffice.org.
Planet FLOSS India, Blogs by Bengali Language Project lead Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay and others
Éric Bachard, Developer, Co-Lead Education Project
David Chapman, Contributor offering daily tips on using OpenOffice.org Calc
Colin Charles, Lead, MS Project
Alexandro Colorado, Co-Lead, OpenOffice.org ES (Spanish Language Project)
Shoshannah Forbes, QA Team, focus on OOo tutorials in Hebrew
Sophie Gautier, Contributor, French Language Project
Laurent Godard, Lead, Extensions, Francophone Projects, and author of DicOOo, FontOOo, OOoWikipedia, and some other tools
Solveig Haugland, OpenOffice.org documentation author and instructor
Kazunari Hirano, an unwary semi-experienced serial OOo builder, JA Project
Benjamin Horst, writer and open source analyst
Pavel Janík, Developer, Lead CS Project, Co-Lead, l10n Project
Kaj Kandler, Contributor
Leif Lodahl, Native-Language coordinator DA.OpenOffice.org
User Experience Team Blog
John McCreesh, Lead, Marketing Project
Michael Meeks, Developer, Novell
Søren Thing Pedersen, Lead, Dansk (DK) Native Language Project
Eike Rathke, Developer, co-lead Calc, i18n transpositionizer
Willy Sudiarto Raharjo, Lead, Indonesian Documentation and l10n Project
RKVS Raman, Lead, Bharateeyaoo.o (Indic Language Development Team)
Klebson Ribeiro, BrOffice contributor
Charles Schulz, Lead, Native Language Confederation
Louis Suarez-Potts, Community Manager, Lead and co-lead, numerous other projects; Sun Microsystems
Malte Timmermann, Sun Microsystems
Italo Vignoli, Marketing Italian Language Project
Jean Hollis Weber, Co-Lead, Documentation
Andrew Ziem, Contributor

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