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Education Project The Education project mission is to help teachers as well as students or anybody involved in education to find a place where to contribute or to find information which can help with using in building curicula, as a teaching tool for the classroom et cetera. Free
Database Access Project The Database Access is dedicated to enabling applications with database access. Free
API Project The API is based on the component technology and consists of a wide range of interfaces defined in a Corba-like IDL. While the component technology determines how the components or applications communicate with each other and how the API is accessed from specific programming languages, the API defines the interface for accessing office functionality independently from certain programming languages. Free
API Project Codesnippet Repsository provides users a space where they can upload, search and review Code Snippets that solve Common OO-Programming tasks. Free
Application Framework Project This project contains modules, that define the general behaviour of the OpenOffice application components ( Writer, Calc etc. ). This covers common operations, common objects or functionality on one hand and a module for the integration of the components into the external environment. Free Project Management Tool Project This is the documentation for the development of a project management tool for Free Wordprocessing Project The Word Processing Project contains the word processing application component, HTML editor component, formula editor application component, linguistic component and text filters. Free Lingucomponent Project The Lingucomponent Project provides writing aid features: spell checking, hyphenation, and thesauruses. Free UNO Development Kit (UDK) Project The UDK Project describe how to UNO (Universal Network Objects) components can be implemented in and accessed from any programming language for which a UNO language binding exists in Free

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