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How do I insert superscript or subscript text in my spreadsheet?

There are several possible paths to alter characters:

  1. Select the individual character(s) to be made superscript/subscript. To do this, click on the cell where the text resides. Now at the input line above the spreadsheet, select the characters to be altered by clicking before the first one with the mouse, then drag the highlight box over the character(s) you want to change, and release the mouse button. The character(s) you wish to change should now be highlighted.
  2. In the pull-down menus, go to Format > Character..., or click with the right mouse button (right-click) and select Character... from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click on the Font Position tab.
  4. Click so that a dot appears near your choice of Superscript or Subscript. There are other adjustments included there if you need them, but the defaults work ok too.

To access this feature via keyboard commands, select the text to be altered, then use the the following keystroke combinations:

These commands also work for the word processor.

Note: Cell height may require an adjustment to accommodate the new character.

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